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Announcing Insureon’s First TV Commercial

15. March 2016 08:47

behind the scenes of the ION commercial

It’s a big week for college basketball, irrational number enthusiasts, and small-business owners. Why? The first two are obvious: NCAA playoffs start this week and yesterday was Pi Day (3.14). The third is a little more obscure: today marks the first viewing of Insureon’s first TV commercial – and we couldn’t be more excited.

Okay, okay. You’re probably thinking: how does Insureon launching a commercial have anything to do with small-business owners? Happy to tell you.

Until now, Insureon has focused on serving the small businesses that already knew they needed insurance. If you were looking for business insurance online, there was a good chance you’d come across our website.

There were – and are – plenty of those businesses to serve. After all, many business owners, freelancers, and independent contractors look for insurance for the first time when a client contract or a commercial lease requires them to have a policy.

But as we mention in the commercial, as many as 75 percent of businesses have the wrong kind of insurance.

Even worse? A whopping 40 percent of small businesses don’t have insurance at all. That means they’re exposed to all kinds of risks that could devastate their finances – it only takes one fire, lawsuit, or customer injury to wipe out a bank account.

Having a commercial on TV means we’ll be able to spread the word to business owners who many not even realize they could benefit from carrying commercial insurance.We’re excited to let the world know that shopping for small-business insurance can be fast and hassle-free, thanks to our online application, and coverage itself is typically affordable (don’t believe us? Check out our Business Insurance Cost Analysis).

Anyway, enough talk. Ready to see the commercial? We thought so. Take a look below!


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