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Really Meaningful Survey: Small-Business Owners Prefer Pi, Fruit Pie

14. March 2016 08:12

apple pie

In surveys conducted leading up to Pi Day 2016, we at Insureon sought to answer some of the world’s most pressing questions concerning small-business owners' preferences in pie and irrational numbers. The findings: half of small-business owners like fruit pies best, and nearly 70 percent like the number pi more than either the mathematical constant e or the square root of 2.

Let’s take a closer look at these hard-hitting numbers and what they mean for America’s small business community.

Half of Small-Business Owners Prefer Fruit Pie

In an online survey of small-business owners, we found that 50 percent prefer fruit pies to other types. Our in-house analysis suggests that this result is in no way surprising, given that small businesses are a primary driver of the American economy and there is no such saying as “American as savory meat pie.”

Here’s a full breakdown of pie preferences:

pie survey results chart

Perhaps the most notable finding, though, was that none of our respondents chose the “I don’t eat pies” option, illustrating what we all already knew: small-business owners have good taste.

Small-Business Owners Love Pi

The real headline of our surveys, though, is in the irrational number department. Irrational numbers, of course, are those that cannot be expressed as fractions. Pi is perhaps the most famous number that has decimal places marching endlessly to the right, but it’s by no means the only irrational number out there. Still, its popularity is undeniable.

While nearly 20 percent of small-business owners have cited e as their irrational number of choice and another 12 percent love the square root of 2, fully 68.6 percent are hardcore pi fans.

irrational number survey results chart

And what’s not to like about pi? It’s a way to express the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter – no matter what circle you have, circumference divided by diameter will always equal pi. In a small-business owner’s world of infinite unknowns and ever-changing variables, nothing is quite as comforting as a constant. Or a piece of pie.

So if you own a small business, reward your hard work with a piece of pie today. You deserve it!


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