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What Do You Have Planned for Leap Day?

29. February 2016 07:56

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I always find it funny when people ask me about my New Year’s Resolutions. Of course, I plan ahead and have some answers at the ready so I don’t look like a slacker. But the truth is the holidays are so busy with end-of year assignments, meeting with clients, shopping for gifts, and trying to reunite with family and friends that I have no time to think about resolutions. However, now that the rush is over and things have settled into my normal chaos, I remembered this is a Leap Year and I have Leap Day to look forward to. A whole extra day!

Since I’ve been running my business for eight years, there was obviously another Leap Day in my entrepreneurial past, but I don’t think I appreciated the extra day like I plan to do this time. Time is so precious these days (as I’m sure you understand), and I don’t want to waste these extra moments.

Here are some ideas for how you and I can spend our Leap Day:

How will you use your Leap Day?

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