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Setting Summer Hours

26. June 2014 08:31

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Should you change your business hours during the summer? Well, the answer depends on your location and your type of business. Some reasons to change your business hours include:

  1. Less demand. Keep track of customer demand and traffic. Is your phone ringing less or is your store practically deserted at some times of the day (or certain days of the week)? If so, consider adjusting your hours to when most people want to shop, visit or buy. For best results, make sure regular customers or clients can get in touch with you when you’re closed, whether by email, social media or phone.
  2. More demand. Conversely, summer months might be the busiest for your business and employees (especially if they’re students) may want to make extra money by working longer hours. If demand warrants it, consider staying open later or opening earlier in the day to accommodate the additional traffic.
  3. Longer daylight hours. People tend to eat, run errands and shop later in the summer than in the winter, so you may want to stay open later.
  4. Saving on utilities. Cutting hours in the summer or cutting the work week to four 10-hour days can allow you to close your business for one day and save on utilities such as air conditioning.
  5. Employee vacations. Since so many employees want to get away in the summer, cutting a day out of the work week could make scheduling vacations a lot easier.

What are the pros and cons of changing your business hours in the summer? Some studies show making employees work four 10-hour days actually increases stress levels, so productivity goes down. On the other hand, offering telecommuting as a flexible work option has been shown to increase productivity. Companies that have had success with summer hours point to an increase in employee contentment.

Here are some ways to make summer hours work for your business:

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