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The Goldmine Hidden in Your Rebranding Plan

12. August 2013 16:35

At some point, most small-business owners make a major leap – whether that’s a leap to hiring your first employee, expanding your service offerings, moving out of the home office, or something else. These forward jumps can be exciting, scary, and lucrative. Done right, they can also be a great excuse to build buzz about your business and engage with your target audience.

In fact, Yahoo! is currently doing exactly that: with a planned rebrand launching September 1, the search engine is marking the event with a month-long buildup. In addition to revealing a (rejected) new logo every day, Yahoo! is using the 30-day period before its rebrand to engage its users in discussions of its history.

How to Leverage More Business from Your Business Updates

Here’s a look at how you can take a page from Yahoo!’s book to drum up excitement about the next big thing in your business.

Risk Management: The Other Side of Growth

While introducing new products or services presents a great opportunity to expand your business, it also exposes your business to new risks. Keep in mind that any time you make a major business change (such as moving offices, hiring new employees, or offering new services), you may need to update your  business insurance to make sure you’re still protected.

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