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The Ballad of Rich Snippets

12. June 2013 16:18

A few months ago, while updating one of insureon’s blog properties, our Content Director leaned over and asked, “Hey, who is this ‘Rich Snippets’ character, and why is he asking me to configure him?”

We took the question to our in-house SEO guru, who informed us that Rich Snippets was actually not a well-dressed, fast-talking, Maserati-wheeling Hot Shot. In fact, he wasn’t a person at all, but a Google tool to help us with our SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.

But the idea of Rich Snippets as a person stuck. Just today we came across an informative and aptly titled article that we might have skipped over had someone on the team not initially mistaken Rich for a person.

Mistakes = Morale

Quite honestly, the addition of Rich to our marketing team has been fun for everyone – and we all agree that it’s easier to do work that is also fun.

Here are a few tips on how you can apply some of the lessons we’ve learned from working with Mr. Rich Snippets in your small business:

Slow down to get ahead

So although the Rich Snippets mishap might have taken out some of our productivity for that day, it actually created far more opportunities for our team’s growth. In order to best promote productivity gains, boost revenue, and improve morale allow you and your employees to make mistakes and grow as a team from them. To use a metaphor, don’t focus on the finish line. Focus on your team support and your running form. Only preparation will determine how fast you run.

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