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A Superhero for Small Business: Introducing the insureon Protector

11. June 2013 13:57

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Chances are, even if you never paid much attention to superheroes as a child, you’ve had a few moments as a business owner when you wish someone could swoop in and mete out justice, whether by forcing a big box store to work with your economies of scale or by dealing with a particularly difficult supplier. 

We’ve worked with enough small-business owners to understand the frustrations that come with being the “little guy.” And while we pride ourselves on offering insurance products that protect you from many of the risks you face, we get that sometimes you need benefits beyond those that an insurance policy can provide.

Sometimes you need, in short, a superhero. So we invented one—the insureon Protector.

Today, we’re introducing the insureon Protector to the world via her first YouTube video, in which she defends a small-business owner from employees at a tech store who ignore her when she needs them to fix her business computer.

Why the insureon Protector? Like small-business owners, the insureon Protector is her own person and relies on her diligent independent work to succeed in her field (super herodom).

The insureon Protector is strong, fierce, and brutally independent—and she’s also the daughter of a small-business owner. We’re excited to introduce her as the insureon Protector—we only wish we could offer a real superhero to the small-business owners we work with every day! 

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