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Why Ice Cream Is Good for Your Bottom Line

23. May 2013 13:00

As the weather gets warmer in much of the country, many of us are once again dedicating a significant portion of the day to thinking about one thing: ice cream. (For more about how the weather affects us, check out the post "Seasonal Insurance: Is It Right For Your Business?") While it may seem like dreams of Drumstick cones and Bubble Plays might not be the most productive activity for your employees to be engaging in, don’t underestimate the boost that well-timed ice cream break can give to your bottom line.

Eating Ice Cream to Get Ahead

Okay, so maybe it isn’t the properties of delicious frozen desserts per se that can help grow and strengthen a business. But the camaraderie and team-building that an ice cream social (or, admittedly, a similar social event) can offer your business have the potential to improve everything your business does.

Here are key pointers to make sure your next team-building event helps propel you to a new level of greatness.

The Rest of the Math: Ice Cream to Employee Engagement to Profits

Okay, I’ll admit it. I tried to get your attention with the title of this blog post. So here’s the rest of the story: once you serve the ice cream (or whatever treat you choose), your increased revenue won’t magically appear. But what you will likely notice is that your team members are  happier, more energetic, and more engaged in the work they do.

That means that they’re more likely to go the extra mile on small projects, help each other out more often, and generally dedicate slightly more energy to all their work-related projects. Over time, those little adjustments can translate to big gains for your output and productivity – and, of course, revenue. And if you want to see results faster… maybe serve more ice cream?

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