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How the Ronda Rousey Diet Can Protect Your Business

14. May 2013 17:07

If you follow insureon on Facebook, you already know that we’ve been spending some time with our partner Ronda Rousey in L.A. the past few days. Working with the MMA star has taught us a valuable lesson about business protection: in order to be truly effective, it needs to happen at every level, as part of every decision you make, down to the food you feed your team members.

Read on to find out how the Ronda Rousey diet (or something like it) can play a key role in your overall business protection and risk management strategy.

Managing Healthcare Costs with Healthier Snacks

As a professional athlete, Ronda must fuel her body with high-quality foods to maintain her daily training regimen. And even when she’s doing something other than preparing for her next fight, she’s careful to eat only the nutritionally sound meals – at her level of competition, her performance would suffer if she did otherwise.

During the insureon shoot in L.A. this week, Ronda enjoyed the assorted berries we provided for her: lychees, açaís, blueberries, and strawberries. The snack helped fuel her, and she appreciated that we avoided offering typical on-set treats that she wouldn’t have been able to eat.

As a small-business owner, you may not have the resources to provide your team with exotic produce every day, but you would be wise to encourage healthy habits in and away from the office, especially as provisions of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) start to take effect, potentially requiring you to fund health insurance for your employees.

To keep your healthcare insurance costs to a minimum, consider offering your team…

You may not be able to convince your entire staff to adopt the Ronda Rousey diet, but you can help them make subtle changes that improve their health – and help keep your Health Insurance costs low.

Minimizing Workplace Injuries by Building an Engaged, Alert Team 

Beyond matters of Health Insurance, fueling your employees with healthy foods may help you minimize other types of liability, particularly Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ Comp claims occur when an employee is injured or made ill on the job and sues your business for the costs of recovery or lost work time.

Employees who are tired and sick are more likely to make the kind of mistakes that lead to acute injuries (like dropping heavy equipment on a toe), so providing health-promoting (and energy-boosting) snacks is one way to prevent the kind of accidents that can cost your firm time and money.

In addition, providing healthy snacks shows your employees that you care about their wellbeing and may contribute to higher levels of on-the-job engagement. Engaged workers tend to perform better in a variety of ways, which could lead to fewer accidents of the sort that lead to injuries down the line.

Even better? Engaged employees are more likely to be cheerful and provide top-quality customer service, which can help stave off lawsuits from customers dissatisfied with your work.

Want to know more about why we spent two days in L.A. with Ronda Rousey? Like us on Facebook to stay in the loop – we’ll be posting updates in the coming weeks! 

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