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Who’s NOT Protecting Your Small Business

19. April 2013 16:34

We spend a lot of time and energy helping small businesses manage the various risks they face so they can keep serving their clients, increasing their revenue, and helping the economy grow. Because of that, we find it especially aggravating when we hear about organizations that are making life more difficult for small businesses.

This week, we read an appalling story about the online review site Yelp filtering positive reviews for small businesses – allegedly because they refused to advertise on Naturally, this did not sit well with us. But it turns out, Yelp’s review filtering practices have  been in place for a while – and they’ve garnered more than a little anger from the small-business community.

Removal of Five-Star Reviews…For Not Advertising with Yelp?

Marc Lysne, former owner of CompuTechs+, a Minneapolis-based business that performed Apple repair and data recovery work, noted that he experienced Yelp’s review filtering firsthand. “A representative would call us about once a week and ask us to advertise on their site,” Lysne told us. When he refused, Yelp took down one of the company’s five-star reviews.

“The calls came almost on a weekly basis,” Lysne said. All told, Yelp removed more than 30 five-star reviews from the entry for CompuTechs+. The single-star reviews, though (those that rated the company poorly), were left up.

How to Protect Your Business

So what’s a small-business owner to do when online review sites don’t accurately depict what people are saying about your company? This isn’t an easy situation to navigate, but you may be able to minimize the damage such practices cause your business by taking some of the following steps.

Have you had any problems (or positive experiences) with online reviews of your business? We’d love to hear about them – please share in the comments!

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