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Employee Wellness Programs: How Small Businesses Can Reap the Rewards

25. February 2013 15:17

employee wellness

Research shows that employers who offer wellness programs stand to gain a lot: in addition to lowering their overall healthcare costs (including the cost of insurance), they can improve employee engagement and productivity in the office. In addition, offering the kinds of benefits that wellness programs often include can help employers attract and retain highly talented individuals.

The best evidence for wellness programs, though, is the ROI: the CDC found that, for every dollar businesses spend on wellness programs, they save up to $2.43.

But for small-business owners, many of whom don’t yet have the resources to offer health insurance, can a wellness program actually work? The answer is yes. Read on for tips on how to bring the benefits of a wellness program to your company, no matter how small it is.

Small Changes, Big Benefits

Here’s how your business can implement (and enjoy the benefits of) a wellness program even if you don’t have a benefits counselor to talk your team through the programs you implement.

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