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Top Hockey Coach to Kids and Pros - Kevin Delaney

4. December 2012 15:47

Famed Illinois youth hockey coach, small business owner, and Skills Coach for the Chicago Blackhawks, Kevin Delaney, shared with us how his passion for hockey grew into a thriving business. 

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As the principal Owner and Founder of Delaney Hockey, and as the Skills Coach for the Chicago Blackhawks, Coach Kevin Delaney stresses the importance of protection and preparedness for the survival of any business. As a small business owner, he never underestimates the risks associated with his unique company.

So how does Coach Delaney prepare for such risks? By holding a general liability insurance policy to protect himself, his business, and his employees. He also purchases special event insurance for his hockey camps.

Click here to watch Coach Delaney at work, and talking one-on-one with insureon CEO, Ted Devine.


Full Transcript:

Coach Delaney- It just happened a little by accident. Hockey coaching has been a hobby of mine. A friend of mine said, ‘Hey, why don’t you incorporate yourself?’ and I did. Start small and then doing more camps and skills classes for kids. And then it kind of snowballed. The camps we do a couple times a year and then private lessons and group lessons are done whenever anyone wants to do it.  

Ted- If you could talk to other small business owners, what are some of the lessons that you would tell them?

Coach Delaney- To believe in what your product is and to believe in what you do. Get a good support staff, and get good people to work with you. That’s a big reason for why we’ve been able to sustain where we are today.

Ted- That’s one of the things that’s interesting about Delaney Hockey and how you built it…it started out as individual lessons, then the camps, and now the clubs hire you, and now you are the Skills Coach for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Coach Delaney- Guys on the ice they get hit with a puck, they fall down, and they can hit their head. You have to protect your business, you have to protect yourself, and you have to protect the kids on the ice. I have general liability insurance and I have special event insurance for my camps because with this sport anything can happen. You have to be prepared.

Ted- What’s an important characteristic as you pick the insurance advisor that you work with?

Coach Delaney- I want someone that is like me. That likes what they do and understands my business. Some who is looking out for me and protecting me just like the insurance policy does.

Ted- I’ve been to a lot of camps and I see the joy you have for the game and the joy that you instill in your coaches, that resonates to the kids, which is why all of us keep coming back. So what about your business are you most proud of?

Coach Delaney- I’m most proud of the kids that continue to play hockey and that have gone past high school, and through college, and there’s the pros. I’m also proud of the guys and gals working side-by-side with me to make this business happen.

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