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Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy: Steps for Small Businesses in a Disaster

19. November 2012 13:28

4 Steps for Small Businesses in a Disaster:

Small businesses around the country have been re-evaluating their disaster preparedness in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which hit New York late last month. At insureon, we recommend that small businesses use the following four steps as a starting plan for successful disaster preparation:

hurricane sandy

1) Assess your risks in advance – work with an insurance expert to fully understand and quantify your largest areas of property, liability, and people risk. 

2) Implement risk transfer strategy – purchase the proper insurance policy/policies to cost effectively cover all your areas of risk. 

3) Take preventative disaster action – before the event, put in place redundant technology, power, telephony, and workflow management strategies to minimize impact.

4) Create and execute business re-launch plan – after the event, speed is critical; execute pre-established re-launch plan around people, property, and client elements.

Beyond these four steps, Sunday Steinkirchner had five first-hand lessons from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Sunday is the owner of a rare books store in New York City. Read more from Sunday in Forbes.


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