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Retail Entrepreneurs: Adding a Risk Management Section to Your Business Plan

11. October 2013 10:13
Basic guidelines for building a risk management plan for a small retail business to help survive difficult economic times. [More]

Real Estate Professionals: Liability Considerations for Fall Showings

9. October 2013 15:20
Fall showing season exposes real estate agents to liabilities for third-party injuries, property damage, and even professional errors. Description of how to manage those risks. [More]

Quick Tips On Protecting Your Photography / Videography Production Business

4. October 2013 14:33
A fall-wedding-season refresher course on the insurance policies that can protect photographers and videographers from their most expensive risk exposures. [More]

Does Your Restaurant Need Auto Insurance?

2. October 2013 14:43
Explanation of how various types of commercial auto insurance can protect restaurants that offer delivery services. [More]

How (and When) to Purchase Special Event Insurance

27. September 2013 10:38
The cost of special event insurance varies by type of event, venue, number of guests, and whether you're serving alcohol. Read on for minimium pricing and tips on finding coverage. [More]

8 Steps to Build a Better Cleaning Services Contract for Your Janitorial or Maid Business

18. September 2013 15:42
Make your janitorial, maid, or cleaning services business stronger by introducing cleaning services contracts for all your clients. [More]

Small-Business Owners: Celebrate National Preparedness Month

30. August 2013 13:16
National Preparedness Month is an excellent time to update your business insurance and other risk management policies. [More]

Managing Workers’ Comp Costs by Offering Fitness Opportunities

28. August 2013 16:12
Small-business owners can keep Workers' Compensation costs low by encouraging healthy lifestyles among their employees. [More]

Philadelphia Building Collapse: Salvation Army Named in Liability Lawsuit

26. August 2013 15:53
Even bystander businesses can be charged with liability in cases of significant damages. [More]

What Is Vicarious Liability?

16. August 2013 15:49
Vicarious liability means you could be liable for work done by your employees, agents, or contractors. Find out how to protect your business from the costs of vicarious liability. [More]