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What Does the Blackberry Classic Have to Do with Your Business Insurance?

9. January 2015 07:18
Blackberry's latest smartphone is a throwback to the company's heydays. Learn why this "classic" device exemplifies changing attitudes about cyber security. [More]

Workers' Comp Fines for Non-Payment Top $124,000 for Ohio Woman

7. January 2015 07:19
An Ohio woman was ordered to pay over $124,000 for failing to carry Workers’ Comp coverage for more than 100 employees for the past two years. Learn more. [More]

Why Your General Liability Insurance Doesn't Cover Data Breaches

2. January 2015 07:06
Recent data breaches have drummed up questions about what insurance can and can’t cover. Learn the difference between General and Cyber Liability once and for all. [More]

Best of insureon 2014

31. December 2014 07:18
In the spirit of year-end roundups, we proudly throw our hat into the ring. Check out some of our most helpful and entertaining content of 2014. [More]

Could Being Tech-Savvy Help Your Business in Court?

29. December 2014 07:29
A Canadian lawsuit show how wearable data-collecting devices can be used in the courtroom. Learn about this strange case’s potential implications for your business. [More]

Cyber Insurance a "Necessity," Especially During the Holidays

22. December 2014 07:31
The holidays and data breaches seem to go hand-in-hand these days. Learn how Cyber Liability offers your business the resources it needs to survive an attack.[More]

Read This Post, Save $14,000

1. December 2014 08:30
This year, 1,939 small businesses were sued over disabled-access violations. Learn how your business can avoid lawsuits, comply with the ADA, and reach more customers. [More]

7.5-Year High for Small Business Borrowing Bodes Well for Economy

21. November 2014 07:58
Small-business owners are borrowing more money, which indicates confidences in the economy’s continued recovery. Find out how to secure your business’s investments. [More]

P.F. Chang's Lawsuit Could Affect Your Cyber Liability Coverage

10. November 2014 08:26
If Travelers wins its lawsuit against P.F. Chang's, businesses can only rely on Cyber Liability Insurance to cover data breaches. Learn more about the case. [More]

Hiring Temps This Year? Make Sure They're Safe

7. November 2014 08:34
OSHA launched an initiative to help reduce workplace injuries involving temp workers. If you plan to hire temporary help this holiday season, know your obligations. [More]