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Liquor Liability Lessons from the Hangover Trilogy

31. May 2013 14:05
If drinking with your team is in your summer plans, make sure you're protected for the various risks alcohol adds to the mix. [More]

Can Event Planners Insure Against Cicadas?

28. May 2013 16:46
Find out how event planners can buy business insurance that protects them against natural events like cicada invasions that can ruin outdoor events. [More]

Rain or Shine? Either Way, Weather Likely to Cause Damage in 2013

24. May 2013 16:09
Hurricanes and solar storms are predicted to surge in 2013, causing major problems for small-business owners. [More]

Law Firms, Data Breaches, & Confidentiality: Understand Your Risk

20. May 2013 16:28
Manage the financial and regulatory fallout from a data breach at a law firm. [More]

No-Reservation Restaurant Trend: Worth the Risk for Your Business?

15. May 2013 17:07
More restaurants are adopting a no-reservations policy. Weigh in on how you feel as a restaurant owner or diner about this trend. [More]

Do I Need a Renter’s Policy?

10. May 2013 16:47
Find out what a renter's policy covers and how to make sure your General Liability Insurance includes adequate renter's coverage for your risks. [More]

Do I Need Work-at-Home Insurance?

8. May 2013 17:04
Find out whether you should consider work-at-home or self-employed insurance to protect your home-based business. [More]

6 Customer Service Strategies to Prevent Liability Lawsuits

30. April 2013 16:25
Your most valuable risk-management strategy may be the way you deal with upset customers. Follow these tips to prevent lawsuits before they start. [More]

5 Tips for Understanding Potential Product Liability

29. April 2013 10:23
Your business faces significant risks linked to the products it produces or sells. Find out how to protect your business from product-related risks and lawsuits. [More]

What Does Liability Insurance Cover for E-Cigarette Retailers and Manufacturers?

23. April 2013 08:42
E-cigarette retailers and manufacturers are responding to increasing demand for electronic cigarettes. Find out what type of business liability insurance will protect these businesses. [More]