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insureon Pricing Report Shows Online Small-Business Insurance Prices Beat the Market

18. December 2013 08:21
Insureon's Small Commercial Insurance Online Pricing Index shows that online small business insurance prices are beating the industry overall. [More]

What Obamacare Means to Your Business

23. September 2013 16:21
An overview of what small-business owners can expect from Obamacare requirements set to take effect during the end of September and Beginning of October. [More]

Changes Afoot for Liability Insurance Requirements for New York Contractors?

3. September 2013 15:57
Negotiations in New York suggest that changes to the state's General Liability Insurance requirements for contractors and construction workers might finally be in the works. [More]

What Happens When You Don’t Renew Your Insurance Policy

7. August 2013 16:41
The Philly building collapse grows more serious as sources report that the demolition company lacked adequate business insurance. Find out what happens when you go without coverage. [More]

I Ran (So Far Away)… With All Your Business Assets!

24. July 2013 13:45
New-wave band A Flock of Seagulls has its equipment stolen while on the road, illustrating why home-based entertainers can benefit from Inland Marine Insurance. [More]

insureon CEO Ted Devine discusses risk management on Omaha's KFAB Morning Show

19. July 2013 16:30
insureon CEO Ted Devine and KFAB Morning Show talent Karla James discuss risk management for small business (along with Omaha tornadoes, lost keys and financial literacy). Hear the interview for yourself below! [More]

Working with Interns this Summer? Know the Business Risks

1. July 2013 14:07
Does your small business offer unpaid internships for students and young professionals? A recent federal ruling is predicted to bring changes to the modern internship. Insureon helps you stay protected with tips on keeping your internship program legal and beneficial to your interns and your business.[More]

The Paula Deen Debacle & Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

24. June 2013 15:57
Paula Deen's court appearances and controversial behavior provide a great example of why businesses should consider Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI).[More]

How an Umbrella Can Save a Business: An Insurance Tale

18. June 2013 12:18
The recent collapse of a restaurant deck in Miami during the NBA finals brings lights on the importance of purchasing umbrella insurance policies.[More]

Jim Carrey Charged with Violating New York’s Workers’ Compensation Laws

3. June 2013 15:47
Actor and comedian Jim Carrey finds himself on the wrong side of a Workers' Compensation violation case involving his art studio, Church of FFC. [More]