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Insureon Ranked #1 Fastest-Growing Insurance Business in the Inc. 500

20. August 2014 07:44
Good news: insureon snagged the top spot for Inc. 500's fastest-growing insurance company. To say we're delighted is an understatement. Find out how our growth has helped small-business owners. [More]

Gawker Suit Illustrates Difference between General Liability and Professional Liability Policies

13. August 2014 07:37
Find out why a major media company is being sued by its insurance carrier and a pro wrestler, and learn what your business can take away from the legal mess. [More]

State Sues Small Business over Workers' Compensation Insurance Violation

8. August 2014 08:28
A small steam cleaning company is being sued by the state of West Virginia for failing to carry Workers’ Comp. Find out how your business can avoid a similar fate.[More]

Uber, Lyft...and You? When Personal Auto Insurance Is Not Enough

31. July 2014 08:44
Rideshare services exemplify why personal auto policies may not be enough to address the risks of the road. Find out when your biz needs Commercial Auto Insurance.[More]

Ohio’s Proposed Change Could Make Out-of-State Workers’ Comp Easier to Find

15. July 2014 08:19
Ohio is making it easier for employers to provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance to their out-of-state workers. Learn how this affects your business. [More]

$2 Million Fine for Misclassifying Employees

3. July 2014 08:48
A Colorado business paid $2 million for misclassifying its employees. Here’s how you can distinguish between workers and contractors and avoid lawsuits. [More]

TMZ Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Highlights the Need for EPLI

13. May 2014 08:34
A lawsuit against TMZ highlights key issues of employment practices law and how businesses are exposed to client suits. [More]

New Report Reveals Pricing Trends for Small Business Insurance Policies

6. March 2014 10:09
Small business insurance policies bought online in Q4 2013 saw smaller price increases than the industry average for commercial policies. [More]

How General Liability Insurance Can Protect Fitness Instructors, Athletic Trainers, and Personal Trainers from Freak Accidents

6. February 2014 11:32
A lawsuit over a man injured at a Crossfit gym highlights one important application of General Liability Insurance benefits. [More]

How Your Text May Make You Liable for Someone Else’s Car Accident

4. February 2014 10:31
A new ruling means that sending a text could make you liable for someone else's car accident. Details on the decision and how it could impact your business. [More]