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A Superhero for Small Business: Introducing the insureon Protector

11. June 2013 13:57
Meet the only superhero dedicated to protecting small-business owners: the insureon Protector. [More]

Business Lessons from the NHL Playoffs: Protect Your Most Important Players

10. June 2013 17:14
Protect your key team members to avoid catastrophic losses. [More]

Philadelphia Building Collapse Illustrates Multiple Liability Scenarios

6. June 2013 10:56
The fatal Philadelphia building collapse provides a sobering illustration of how various types of business liability insurance work in practice. [More]

4 Reasons Your Business Should Have Cyber Liability Insurance

5. June 2013 14:08
  Suddenly, your website is inaccessible. Down. Dead. It looks like your website has been DDoS'd (denial-of-service attack), and now your vi... [More]

The Tornado Ate My Insurance Policy

4. June 2013 16:30
To get insurance benefits when you most need them after a natural disaster, be sure to have a copy of your policy stored offsite so you can make claims quickly and easily. [More]

Jim Carrey Charged with Violating New York’s Workers’ Compensation Laws

3. June 2013 15:47
Actor and comedian Jim Carrey finds himself on the wrong side of a Workers' Compensation violation case involving his art studio, Church of FFC. [More]

Liquor Liability Lessons from the Hangover Trilogy

31. May 2013 14:05
If drinking with your team is in your summer plans, make sure you're protected for the various risks alcohol adds to the mix. [More]

Pets at Work? That’s Risky Business.

29. May 2013 17:03
Before bringing pets into your office, [More]

Can Event Planners Insure Against Cicadas?

28. May 2013 16:46
Find out how event planners can buy business insurance that protects them against natural events like cicada invasions that can ruin outdoor events. [More]

Rain or Shine? Either Way, Weather Likely to Cause Damage in 2013

24. May 2013 16:09
Hurricanes and solar storms are predicted to surge in 2013, causing major problems for small-business owners. [More]