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Small-Business Owners: Celebrate National Preparedness Month

30. August 2013 13:16
National Preparedness Month is an excellent time to update your business insurance and other risk management policies. [More]

Priceline: A Business Comeback Worth Noting

29. August 2013 12:49
Take a page from Priceline's book: focus on the things that matter to bring sustainable prosperity to your business. [More]

Managing Workers’ Comp Costs by Offering Fitness Opportunities

28. August 2013 16:12
Small-business owners can keep Workers' Compensation costs low by encouraging healthy lifestyles among their employees. [More]

Philadelphia Building Collapse: Salvation Army Named in Liability Lawsuit

26. August 2013 15:53
Even bystander businesses can be charged with liability in cases of significant damages. [More]

2013's Hottest Wedding Trends

23. August 2013 15:21
Wedding trends in 2013 could mean a windfall for wedding planners, dressmakers, and venue owners as couples recover from recession-era wedding frugality. [More]

Women-Owned Businesses Fastest Growing Sector of New Venture Creation

22. August 2013 08:14
Businesses headed by women increased faster than total new business creation in recent years. [More]

What Is a Minimum Earned Premium?

21. August 2013 09:26
Minimum earned premium is the amount an insurance company keeps of your premium regardless of when you cancel your policy. Find out how it works and why insurance providers use it. [More]

Pharmacist Found Liable for $1.44 Million in HIPAA Professional Liability Case

19. August 2013 16:57
Find out how pharmacists and other allied health professionals can manage their liability risks from HIPAA. [More]

What Is Vicarious Liability?

16. August 2013 15:49
Vicarious liability means you could be liable for work done by your employees, agents, or contractors. Find out how to protect your business from the costs of vicarious liability. [More]

Illinois Hairdressers and Cosmetologists: 22.2% Growth on the Way

15. August 2013 08:31
Cosmetologists and hairstylists in Illinois can expect robust growth in the next seven years, according to data released by the IL Department of Employment security. [More]