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5 risk management tips for IT businesses

14. August 2018 21:47
Creating a risk management plan combined with purchasing small business insurance can help IT business owners ensure that a liability lawsuit doesn't cause serious financial harm to their company. [More]

7 risk management strategies for restaurants and other food businesses

14. August 2018 21:01
Food service businesses face a variety of risks, from employee injuries to customer allergies. Learn how to create an effective restaurant risk management plan to minimize your risk, including employee training, equipment maintenance, and food service business insurance. [More]

What entrepreneurs need to know about managing remote employees

7. August 2018 20:18
Buffer recently released its State of Remote Work 2018 Report which takes a close look at the life of a remote worker. According to the report, the biggest struggles remote workers face are loneliness (21 percent) and collaborating and communicating (also 21 percent). [More]

Avoid future risks with a restaurant business plan

31. July 2018 18:53
While not talked about as much as award-winning cuisine, one of the most important parts of opening a successful restaurant is creating a detailed business plan. It can help secure funding, and it also forces business owners to think through everything from the location to how to process payroll. [More]

How to respond to customer complaints at your restaurant

30. July 2018 23:09
Good food and happy customers are the keys to success for any restaurant. That's why knowing how to handle customer complaints and deal with angry customers is an important part of running a successful restaurant. [More]

6 steps for successfully opening a restaurant

30. July 2018 22:51
This checklist covers several of the critical steps you should follow before opening a small restaurant, including obtaining business licenses and funding. [More]

7 restaurant bookkeeping tips and best practices

30. July 2018 22:19
Running a successful restaurant requires passion, dedication, and a solid understanding of the business's financials. This guide covers several common tasks important to bookkeeping for a small restaurant, such as applying for loans and managing employee payroll. [More]

10 tips to build customer loyalty at your restaurant

30. July 2018 21:00
Customer loyalty is an important building block in the success of any restaurant. But how do you encourage customers to come back again and again? We'll cover 10 ways to encourage repeat clientele, including a restaurant customer loyalty program. [More]

How the right to refuse service can impact your business

17. July 2018 00:10
The U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Colorado baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding has many business owners wondering when they have the right to refuse service and when it could be considered discrimination. [More]

How to start a successful computer repair business

13. July 2018 18:16
Technical skills aren’t enough to open a computer repair business – your success depends on writing a business plan, securing financing, and taking several other key steps that will have long-term impacts on your business. [More]
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