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Cleaning businesses have been on the front lines sanitizing and disinfecting workspaces to battle against the spread of COVID-19 since the early days of the pandemic. Following these steps can help...

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Find out what qualifies as an act of God in insurance, whether COVID-19 is included as one, and how you can protect your business from disaster-related lawsuits.
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Learn what your workers’ compensation, cyber liability, and commercial property insurance policies cover when employees telecommute.
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Growing a business
Business owners have the right to refuse service to customers for legitimate reasons. Learn when it’s legal to turn away a would-be customer, and when it could land you in court.
Coronavirus frequently asked questions
The coronavirus outbreak has left many small business owners wondering if their insurance covers losses caused by the pandemic. Insureon experts answer the most frequently asked questions.
Coronavirus cancellation sign
The coronavirus is causing event cancellations around the world, and special event insurance may not reimburse you for losses.
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