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"No Business Too Small" to Be Hacked, Says Security Expert

18. August 2014 07:55

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When it comes to cyber theft, a credit card is a credit card is a credit card. It doesn’t matter if those numbers were lifted from a big-box store or a mom-and-pop shop, according to Andrew Bagrin, a small business digital security specialist – the information is still valuable and worth stealing. The only difference is that it’s easier to hack into a small business. (Related reading: “The OTHER Way Data Breaches Hurt Small Businesses.”)

In his interview with Small Business Computing, Bagrin confirms that small businesses are more likely to experience a data breach than their larger commercial counterparts because big corporations can afford fancy IT solutions and a staff to manage them.

Small-business owners, already tiptoeing a financial tightrope, simply don’t have the resources to amplify their data security. And friends, the numbers paint a grim picture. According to Bagrin…

But here’s the silver lining in all the doom and gloom of data breaches: 90 percent of them can be avoided if you know what to expect and take the right precautions.

When You’re a Cyber Crook, the World Is Your Oyster

When we talk about cyber criminals and data breaches, it’s easy to disassociate. A cloaked villain storms a digital fortress by nightfall, filling his dollar-sign emblazoned sack with codes and customer data. Maniacal laughter fills the air, and the small-business owner shakes her fist at the trail of dust the nefarious figure leaves in his wake.

It’s the stuff of legends, and surely it won’t happen to you. (Right?)

But in reality, data breaches are crimes of opportunity. A door can easily be opened, so the hacker walks through it. Bagrin outlines the techniques hackers use to infiltrate small businesses, which include…

Remember, too, that some industries are simply more prone to data breaches. For example, complete health records are worth a considerable sum on the black market, which is why healthcare businesses may be targeted more often. It doesn’t help that health businesses are among the most lax when it comes to data security protocol, either. To learn more, check out the post, “Allied Health Professionals: Why Your Data Isn't Safe.”

How to Keep Cyber Scammers at Bay

Now that you understand how the hackers can get in, let’s learn how to keep them out.

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