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Liability insurance

Liability insurance is defined as a form of insurance that provides protection from third-party lawsuits. If you’re held liable for causing a person or company’s financial losses, your insurance will cover some legal expenses.

How liability insurance protects your business

Business liability insurance is a generic term that describes various types of insurance that cover third-party lawsuits. If a person or company believes you caused an injury or property damage and files a lawsuit to recover losses, your liability insurance can pay for your legal costs up to your policy limits.

Liability insurance protects your assets by paying for legal expenses, such as:

  • Attorney’s fees
  • Settlements (the amount you agree to pay in return for the plaintiff dropping the lawsuit)
  • Judgments (what a judge or jury orders you to pay after you lose your case)
  • Administrative court fees
  • Expert witness fees
  • Direct payments to the plaintiff for medical care and property repair

Liability insurance is a component of many forms of small business insurance, including:

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Eligibility requirements

Liability insurance is widely available in the insurance marketplace as a key component of many types of business insurance coverage. It is easy to qualify for as long as your business doesn’t: 

  • Engage in high-risk activities
  • Have a history of frequently filing liability insurance claims

Assuming your firm can pass an insurance company’s underwriting requirements, you will likely be eligible for the liability insurance you’ll need to keep your risks at bay.

Who needs liability insurance?

If you own a small business, then it’s a given you need liability insurance. That’s because a large lawsuit can result in judgments or settlements that may put you out of business. 

Companies in the following segments will likely have a strong need for this type of protection:

However, some companies need liability insurance more than others. This includes firms that:

  • Have customers or visitors frequently in their facility
  • Work with or train customers on dangerous equipment
  • Work at customer job sites
  • Rent commercial space from a landlord who requires a certificate of insurance
  • Have customers who need to see a certificate of insurance before signing a contract

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Updated: April 29, 2022
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