What is comprehensive general liability insurance?

Comprehensive general liability insurance is simply the outdated term for general liability insurance, a business insurance policy that helps pay for lawsuits over slip-and-fall accidents, third-party property damage, product liability, and advertising injuries.

Why commercial general liability insurance is a more accurate name

An insurance policy that is actually comprehensive ­– that is, one that covers every type of lawsuit or loss possible – would be cost-prohibitive. The insurance company would have to pay out no matter what went wrong. That would mean sky-high premiums for the policyholder.

The insurance industry discontinued using the name comprehensive general liability insurance because “comprehensive” means all-inclusive, and no insurance policy can cover all risks. Insurance companies dropped "comprehensive" from the policy name to reflect that reality.

For example, if one of your employees gets into a fender bender with a company vehicle, you need commercial auto insurance to cover the damages. If you’re sued over errors in your work, you often need professional liability insurance to cover the lawsuit costs. General liability insurance can't cover these kinds of lawsuits, but if it were still called comprehensive liability insurance, policyholders might wrongly assume it would.

That's why today comprehensive general liability insurance is now known as commercial general liability insurance. It's the same protection, just with a different, more accurate name.

Different businesses have different risks, so talk with an Insureon specialist about what coverage you might need in addition to general liability insurance.


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