How to Find a Good Business Owner's Policy Insurance Agent
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Not all insurance agents are created equal, and not all provide the same services to small businesses. So how can you tell the good from the bad? When buying a Business Owner's Policy, you want to find an agent who…

  • Has expertise in your industry.
  • Knows small business insurance.

These are two of the most important criteria to use when judging an insurance agent.

How Do I Find BOP Insurance Agents Who Specialize in My Industry?

Some first-time insurance applicants think that they should look for agents who specialize in Business Owner's Policies, but that's not really how business insurance works.

Many agents don't specialize in particular types of insurance. Instead they focus on particular industries. Believe it or not, you can find agents who specialize in insurance for coffee shops and other agents who have an expertise in snow plowing insurance.

A specialist agent puts together policies with the risks of your business in mind. For instance, an agent who works with snow plow businesses knows that auto liability coverage should be added to the General Liability Insurance portion of their BOP package. That way, if the plow pushes down a fence or damages a parked car, the business's General Liability Insurance covers it.

Finding an Agent Who Knows Small Businesses

You should work with specialist agents and insurance companies that focus on small businesses. These agents understand that insurance needs differ between small businesses and their larger counterparts.

For example, because small businesses have limited resources, it's vital to find insurers who can give you a good price and who won't fill your policy with unnecessary coverage that only drives up the cost.

At insureon, we're proud to be the country's top online small business insurance broker. Our small business clients save an average of 20 percent on premiums. We're able to use our knowledge of small business insurance to find good coverage at a good price.

Why Do I Need an Insurance Agent?

Insurance agents simplify the process of buying a Business Owner's Policy. That's especially true when it comes to comparing policies.

A good insurance agent sends you quotes from multiple top-rated insurance companies. This way, you are able to look at a variety of options and choose one insurance policy that makes sense.

Keep in mind that it can be hard to tell one policy from the next. Two insurance policies might have similar costs, but provide different coverage. If it sounds like we're beating a dead horse, forgive us, but this is another reason to work with agents who specialize in small business coverage. Specialist agents know how to find policies that work within the limits of a small-business budget.

How to Contact a BOP Agent

You can call an Insureon agent at 1-800-688-1984 or submit an online insurance application (and one of our agents will email you quotes).

Before you talk with an insurance agent and submit an application, it's a good idea to go over our guide to the BOP application process. We outline what information you need to supply and what documents you might need to keep handy.

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