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Business owner’s policy for retail businesses

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Business owner’s policy

A business owner’s policy (BOP) bundles general liability insurance with commercial property insurance. It typically costs less than if the policies were bought separately.

A BOP bundles policies to protect retail businesses

A business owner’s policy offers a wide scope of protection against the most common incidents that occur in the retail industry, including customer injuries and property damage. A BOP bundles general liability insurance and commercial property insurance, usually at a lower rate than purchasing both policies separately.

 A business owner’s policy shields against:

  • Damage to inventory, equipment, and other business property
  • Lawsuits over customer injury or property damage on your premises
  • Lawsuits related to faulty products
  • Lawsuits related to advertising injuries
  • Temporary closure

Customize a BOP to fit your business

Business owners can tailor a BOP to meet their specific needs. In the retail industry, useful add-ons might include business interruption insurance, product liability insurance, or other endorsements.

Small, low-risk retail businesses usually qualify for a BOP, including:

Talk to a licensed Insureon agent to discover if your retail business is eligible for a BOP.

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What coverage can a business owner's policy provide for a retail business?

Damage to equipment, inventory, and other business property

A BOP includes commercial property insurance that safeguards:

  • Your store's products and inventory
  • Retail equipment, such as cash registers
  • Furnishings and fixtures at your shop
  • Your building if you own it

If a fire damages your store, someone breaks in and steals items or money, or a burst pipe destroys your inventory, a business owner's policy can help cover the costs.

Lawsuits over customer injury or property damage on your premises

The general liability portion of a BOP can cover legal bills and other expenses related to customer injuries or property damage. For instance, it can provide coverage if:

  • A customer trips over a display at a grocery store and breaks an arm
  • florist spills water on a customer’s smartphone
  • A delivery person slips on a freshly mopped floor at a pet shop

Lawsuits related to faulty products

If a product that you sell injures a customer or damages their property, your shop could be held accountable. A BOP usually includes product liability insurance to safeguard against these kinds of lawsuits.

Product liability insurance is typically part of products-completed operations coverage, which covers defective products and faulty workmanship.

Lawsuits related to advertising injuries

The general liability portion of a BOP also offers protection against advertising injuries, including:

  • Spoken defamation (slander) and written defamation (libel)
  • Copyright infringement

For example, if a vape shop employee makes a derogatory comment about a rival shop in an online forum and your business is sued for libel, general liability insurance could pay for the ensuing legal fees.

Temporary closure

A temporary closure can lead to long-term financial issues, especially for a retail store that depends on daily transactions. Often included in a BOP, business interruption insurance reimburses your retail store for lost revenue and other expenses related to closure caused by a covered loss.

For example, your small clothing store may need to close for several weeks for renovation after a fire. Business interruption insurance would cover lost profits and normal operating expenses, including payroll. That means you can still pay your employees and stay afloat when dealing with a fire or other tragedy.

Other policies for retail businesses to consider

A business owner’s policy provides general liability and property protection for retailers, but it doesn’t safeguard against employee injuries and other risks. Retail business owners should also consider:

Workers’ compensation insurance: Required in almost every state for retail businesses that have employees, workers’ comp can cover medical costs for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Umbrella insurance: This policy, also called excess liability insurance, boosts coverage on a retailer’s general liability, commercial auto, or employer’s liability insurance.

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