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Some people jump right into consulting. Others wait until they have a wealth of experience to offer. Rosalind Carter New browser window icon., sole proprietor of , is part of the latter group. To say that she brought a wealth of experience to her business venture is a serious understatement.

As the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of television channel A&E for 18 years, she knows the ins and outs of people, HR, and acquisition excellence. She joined the company when it had roughly 300 employees and only one channel, but by the time she left there were 1500 employees and far more channels, including The History Channel, international programming, and Lifetime (a major acquisition for the company). Rosalind now leverages her years of experience at A&E with the work she's done for Bristol-Myers Squibb and The Coca Cola Company to provide unsurpassed HR consulting to her clients.

"I come from an entrepreneurial background," Rosalind says, "I grew up in a household where you had your business and you did it and you really didn't answer to anyone." In fact, Rosalind had her heart set on business ownership early in life, but when she first had to decide whether to branch out on her own or jump into the corporate world, she went corporate. Regardless, her entrepreneurial drive remained.

Ultimately, Rosalind decided to follow her years-old dream of being a business owner at a moment in her life when lots of changes happened simultaneously. All at once, she found herself needing to reinvent and explore her options: "I took early retirement from A&E," says Rosalind of the events that led up to the launch of her business. "My mom was 93 and it was clear that her health was declining. It was also at a point where my daughter had gone to college." Or, as Rosalind puts it, "everything just sort of aligned."

"The first coaching / consulting that I did was a three-session career transition coaching," says Rosalind. But despite colleague referrals coming in for more of the same, this wasn't her end goal. While she's certainly skilled at smoothing transitions, she felt that her almost two decades of HR experience could be put to more impactful use, so she began to change the focus of RCC HR Consulting. "I now pitch HR consulting and, having been in HR as long as I have, there's an array of things I can do," said Rosalind, "Typically it's coaching, HR advising, or management consulting." And with her certification in Profilor® — a comprehensive development tool for gathering peer, colleague, and internal customer feedback — it's not hard to believe that she offers quite the array.

But at the end of the day, regardless of how much experience you have, running a small business requires a lot of hard work. And that means Rosalind is always looking for the next opportunity. "You always have to have something going and you always have to have an ear to the ground wherever you are," Rosalind says about finding new clients. "You never know where your next business might be." Sometimes her work starts before her client even signs on. The corporate world changes quickly and, from acquisitions to new CEOs, it can be difficult for a company to set things in motion: "Often times you have to be able to go back in and give them some suggestions on how to make [it] happen."

And she usually does make it happen. While a consultant who's new to their field might simply take a delay as a loss, Rosalind's extensive experience gives her a different perspective. She knows the inner workings of the corporate world and, when combined with her business savvy, her entrepreneurial upbringing, and her overall way with people, she lets that knowhow work to benefit both her and her clients.

More information about RCC HR Consulting is available at the business's website: http://coachmarket.me/rosalind-carter.html.

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