Starting a business

A laptop and a lock symbol.
IT & technology professionals
If you’re thinking of launching a cybersecurity business, begin with the basics. Make sure you have the right certifications, funding, structure, and business plan to set yourself up for success.
Woman speaking on the phone
Growing a business

Small business owners in search of startup capital may find that a business loan is the best means for getting their business off the ground. In this guide, we'll go over the basics of small business...

Landscaping professional laying grass on property.

The licensing and insurance requirements for landscapers vary by state. Having the right insurance and licensing helps keep you financially protected and may be required for some jobs within the...

A group of young people smiling.
Insurance professionals

Even if you don’t find insurance the most fascinating topic, choosing a career as an insurance agent pays off in abundant job opportunities, the chance to use a wide variety of skills, and other...

Professional photographers at a shoot
Photo & video professionals

Learn about the Certified Professional Photographer program, including how to acquire a certification and why it can benefit your photography business, and which business insurance policies you'll...

A hair stylist consults with a customer on a haircut
Personal care
The licensing and insurance requirements for hairstylists and hair salons vary by location and what services you or your salon may provide.
A nail salon technician works on a customer's hand
Personal care
The licensing requirements for nail salon technicians vary by state. Having the right licensing and insurance can help keep you financially protected within the personal care industry.
Two handymen working on a room

Contractors and handymen both focus on repair, maintenance, and construction, yet there are many differences between the two in their licensing and insurance requirements. There are also differences...

A handyman fixes a vent in a house
The licensing, insurance, and bonding requirements for handyman work varies by location and your state contractor licensing board. Some states have no licensing requirements.
A caterer setting up a table of food at an event
Food & beverage

The licensing requirements for caterers vary by location. Having the right licensing and insurance can help keep you financially protected and may be required for some jobs within the food and...

Woman fixing a computer
IT & technology professionals
Do you have what it takes to be a freelance computer technician? Find out what knowledge and technical skills you'll need to be successful in this profession.
Professional house cleaners at work
Cleaning services
Learn how to start a cleaning business with a few simple steps and considerations. There’s plenty of opportunity in this sector, and the startup costs are relatively low.
Young woman cleaning a carpet
Cleaning services
Learn about the benefits of a cleaning company business plan and what to include when creating one.
Young businessman working at home with laptop and papers.
Insurance professionals
Building an insurance company is no small task, but with some sweat equity and the right focus you can turn your dream into a reality. Here are the basic steps to get started.
Five people working together at a table.
Insurance professionals

A thoughtful business plan provides a roadmap for building a successful insurance agency. Here’s what to include in yours, from objectives and product offerings to your target market and financial...

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