Save money with a small business tax deductions checklist
Your small business may be eligible for a number of business tax deductions.
83% of small business owners optimistic about new tax bill
An Insureon poll conducted with Manta surveyed 2,700 small business owners to learn if they support the new tax bill and how they expect their business to be impacted.
How to get your business taxes under control
Organization and automation will help small business owners be ready for tax season. Getting an early start is key, experts say.
Reminder: Small business insurance is a tax write-off
Since most businesses are required to carry insurance, it falls under the category of "ordinary and necessary" and is a tax-deductible business expense.
General liability insurance
Before deducting your company's liability insurance, check with an accountant

In many situations, you can deduct the cost of your liability insurance from your taxes. A business accountant can help you get the maximum deduction and keep you from making mistakes that will come...

5 common small business misconceptions about taxes
Small business taxes are more complicated than personal income tax and come with a host of misconceptions. Eliminate five of them by reading this piece on tax myths.
Did you freelance this year? Now is the time to focus on small business taxes
Freelance earnings can be subject to income tax and self-employment tax. Learn to manage your tax burden so you aren't hit with a nasty surprise during tax season.
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