Business insurance tips

Film equipment insurance might be cheaper than you think
Insuring your film equipment is a surprisingly affordable way to protect thousands of dollars of gear.
General liability insurance
Occurrence vs. claims-made insurance: Why it matters
Whether you choose an occurrence or claims-made insurance policy can affect what you pay for coverage. Compare quotes from leading companies online with Insureon.
Business insurance tips
How to write an insurance cancellation letter
If you need to cancel a small business insurance policy for some reason, be sure to follow your insurer's procedures and to file a written cancelation letter.
Workers' compensation insurance
8 workplace safety tips for employers
Cultivating a safe work environment protects your employees and your business, in addition to saving you money.
Why some contracts require small business insurance
Many contracts require that businesses hold some type of insurance coverage, such as professional liability insurance.
General liability insurance
Questions to ask before buying business insurance
Before buying commercial insurance, small business owners should research what different policies cover, how much they cost, and how to save money on business insurance.
General liability insurance
How can entrepreneurs prevent copyright infringement?
Familiarize yourself with copyright laws to protect your business and ensure that you are not infringing upon the rights of others.
General liability insurance
What are insurance premiums, policy limits, and deductibles?
Being informed about key insurance terms can save you time and money.
Save money by comparing insurance quotes from multiple carriers
What kind of work do you do?