Business insurance tips

Safety equipment for construction workers.
Workers' compensation insurance
Cultivating a safe work environment protects your employees and your business, in addition to saving you money.
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General liability insurance
Familiarize yourself with copyright laws to protect your business and ensure that you are not infringing upon the rights of others.
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General liability insurance
To ensure that your business has adequate insurance coverage, don't skip an annual review of your commercial insurance policies.
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Employment practices liability
If an employee sues your business for sexual harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination, employment practices liability insurance can help your business resolve the lawsuit.
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Business insurance tips
What's the difference between a claim and a suit? Read the below story about Ritrama's claims and suits to learn the important distinction between the two.
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Business interruption insurance
In exceptional circumstances, your city or town might implement a temporary mandatory curfew. If the curfew costs you business, then business interruption insurance can cover your losses.
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Business interruption insurance
Key man insurance might benefit your business if you have personnel who are irreplaceable.
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Professional liability / E&O insurance
The best way to deal with a medical malpractice lawsuit is to stop it before it happens.
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Real estate professionals
If a client perceives that your professional services led to financial loss, you may be held liable.
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