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Cyber Security IQ Quiz

Media outlets love reporting on data breaches at large corporations. In reality, though, 62 percent of the 34,000+ daily cybersecurity incidents in this country happen at small and midsize businesses. The impact of those incidents can be devastating:

  • The National Small Business Association reported this year that the average small-business data breach costs $20,752.
  • 72 percent of small businesses that were breached in 2012 were unable to fully restore their company’s data.
  • 67 percent of breached businesses didn’t notify affected customers, even though laws in 47 states require notification.

Those statistics are troubling, but there is good news: the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) found that 90 percent of breaches in 2014 could have been avoided with proper security practices and controls. In other words: there are simple, straightforward steps your business can take today to minimize the likelihood that you’ll experience a data breach. For the 10 percent of breaches that aren’t preventable, a cyber insurance policy may be able to help you manage the associated costs.

Insureon has teamed up with Microsoft to help you evaluate your current risk exposure and understand how you can better prepare your business for a cybersecurity event. Together, we’ve developed a quiz that will assess your current understanding of cybersecurity concepts and created a free downloadable eBook that explains three specific ways you can improve your business’s cybersecurity.

Ready to find out how your business is likely to fare in a cyberattack? Take the cybersecurity IQ quiz! When you get your results, you’ll have an opportunity to download the free eBook Building Cybersecurity in Small and Midsize Businesses.

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