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What Does the Blackberry Classic Have to Do with Your Business Insurance?

9. January 2015 07:18

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According to ZDNet, old is the new new, at least if you're Blackberry trying to reclaim its place in the smartphone market. Blackberry's latest model, The Classic, will hit the shelves in 2015, and the device is banking on its security features to be a real selling point for government and enterprise sectors.

Here are the smartphone's specs:

If you're like most people who aren't tech junkies, those specs probably mean little to you. But what may pique your interest is the fact that Blackberry's latest may be the most secure device on the market, thanks to its default encryption settings. Let's explore why that matters if you use your smartphone to help you conduct your small business's affairs.

You've Got 99 Data Breach Exposures, and Your Smartphone Is One

Blackberry's decision to go back-to-basics with its latest model is the result of a growing concern about cyber security. It's still anyone's bet to see if the gamble will pay off for the struggling phone maker. But in light of the many data breaches that peppered 2014, data privacy should be at the top of most companies' minds and priorities in 2015.

Consider just how much information you transfer and submit via your business's smartphone. You probably…

The list goes on, yet each of these modern conveniences could be a glaring point of weakness if your device is lost, hacked, or falls into opportunistic hands. How likely is that, anyway?

Well, friends, the numbers don't lie:

When you take these stats into account, Blackberry's new Classic might look like a tempting purchase. However, if you're worried about your smartphone's security (and the numbers suggest you should), there are other measures you can take.

Tips for Safeguarding Your Smartphone

You can learn more about the benefits of a Cyber Risk Insurance policy in the articles, "Cyber Liability: The Ultimate Revenge of the Nerds" and "Why Cyber Liability Claims Cost More Than People Think."


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