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Running a Business from Your Smartphone? Know How to Stay Safe

22. August 2014 08:18

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Big, bad news for smartphone-centric business owners: there are two major threats that can compromise your device and steal your data. Insurance Journal reports on the research of Accuvant and Bluebox Security, two cyber security firms that found two separate risks that can affect up to 90 percent of smartphones. (For perspective, there are over 2 billion smartphones in use globally.)

Here’s what the researchers found:

The good news is that developers across all smartphone platforms are scrambling to strengthen security measures (and Google already overhauled Android’s core software to address the “Fake ID” risks in newer devices). But until they get their metaphorical ducks in a row, you should be aware of how these threats could affect your business.

Is Your Smartphone a Smorgasbord for Hackers?

As a small-business owner alive and well in the digital age, you probably run a significant portion of your business from your smartphone – even if it’s just checking your work email. Your business could be at risk for data breaches if you…

Though it’s worth noting that the smartphone risks the researchers unearthed usually won’t affect average users, your device may need more careful surveillance simply because you use it for business.

How to Use Your Smartphone… Well… Smarter

To keep your smartphone and your data safe, consider implementing the following tips:

As a final risk management measure, consider carrying Cyber Liability Insurance. This policy can help your business handle the onslaught of bills associated with a data breach, such as the cost of…

To learn more about Cyber Risk Insurance, read, “Cyber Insurance: Why It Matters, Where You’re Exposed.”

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