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Insurance for Specialty Businesses

As far as we're concerned, every business is a specialty business. But in the world of commercial insurance, "specialty" has a specific meaning. The insurance providers we partner with group certain businesses under the "specialty" umbrella because they have similar types of risk exposures.

Some of the specialty businesses we cover most often are below. Feel free to click the links to get a better idea of what coverage typically looks like for businesses in these industries:

But we can also find coverage for dozens of other so-called specialty businesses. If your industry isn't listed above, check out the double dropdown at the top of this page. You can use it to find the combination of industry and specialty that best matches what you do.

Hint: if you're not sure where your business might fit, try looking under "miscellaneous services" or "specialty services."

Which Policies to Choose?

The application above will ask you which kinds of coverage you want. If you're not sure what your business needs, take two minutes to find out with Policy Buddy. We'll show you the policies that match the way your business operates.