How to create a risk management plan for your restaurant business

Preparing for the worst is essential to running a successful food business. Before you open your doors on your new business, reduce the likelihood of a serious accident or a liability lawsuit by...

Starting a business
What do you need to start a microbusiness?
Learn what a microbusiness is, the pros and cons of owning one, and key things to consider when starting one.
Food & beverage
Protect your business with food contamination and spoilage coverage
Food spoilage and contamination insurance is a must for restaurants and other businesses that work with food, but like other policies, it has its limitations.
Food & beverage
18 apps to make your food business run more smoothly
Time management, inventory, payroll, and marketing apps can streamline your food service operations and free up time to focus on your food and your customers.
How restaurant insurance can help after a food contamination outbreak
Protect yourself and your restaurant in the event of E. coli and norovirus outbreaks with general liability and product liability insurance whether it's your fault or not.
How items on your menu could get you sued

If your restaurant accidentally uses a trademarked name for an item on your menu, you could be headed for a costly copyright infringement lawsuit. Protect your business by naming your dishes...

Catering gig turns into $2.9 million lawsuit

When you take on a catering gig, you open yourself up to a variety of liabilities, including tragic and expensive wrongful death suits. Protect your catering business from astronomical legal fees...

Food & beverage
PA law enables alcohol delivery with food. What does this mean for your business?
With the new delivery option comes restrictions and new liability considerations. Consult your insurance agent about changes in your offerings.
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Save money by comparing insurance quotes from multiple carriers
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