Food & beverage

How to respond to customer complaints at your restaurant

Good food and happy customers are the key to success for any restaurant. That's why knowing how to handle customer complaints and deal with angry customers is integral to running a successful...

Food & beverage
Do these 4 things before changing your restaurant’s menu
Changing your restaurant's menu can be a pivotal decision for the success of your business. Consider these four items before making the leap.
Your restaurant’s eating contest may not be worth the risk

Before you host an eating contest, be sure to consider your potential liabilities as a restaurant owner. By managing these liabilities with good procedures and effective insurance coverage, you can...

Serve flaming shots? You might get burned

If a flaming drink injures your customer, your bar will take the heat – and your insurance company might not cover you for it. Discover whether or not your business insurance covers "risky...

Minimum wage law and side work: Tips for restaurant owners

In the service industry, many tipped workers also perform non-tipped work like cleaning tables or prepping food. As a business owner, you can avoid a lawsuit by adhering to government regulations and...

Small business stories
Small business spotlight: Ghost stories with the Worthington Inn
Every business has a unique selling point that sets it apart from competitors. Learn how the Worthington Inn in Ohio turned its haunted past into a modern-day selling point.
Food & beverage
The key to successful sampling with Terry Frishman of Culinest
Free samples help business owners demonstrate the value of a product to potential customers. In this interview, Terry Frishman of Culinest explains how to do food samples the right way.
Small business stories
Making life better with beer: The story of Temperance Beer Company
Many business owners don't take the conventional pathway to success. Get tips from Josh Gilbert of Temperance Beer Company, who turned his passion into his profession.
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