What You Need to Apply for General Liability Insurance
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Filling out an insurance application for General Liability Insurance only takes about five minutes at insureon. Most of the information you'll have to provide is basic information about your business, your operations, your business history, and what coverage you want.

To be honest, our insurance applications are fairly painless. A few minutes after you submit this information, you'll receive a variety of detailed General Liability Insurance quotes and cost estimates.

But let's go over more of the details you'll need to provide when you fill out a General Liability Insurance application. That way you can be sure to have all the information on hand when you start to fill out the application, and the process will be as easy as possible.

What Do I Need to Apply for General Liability Insurance?

Though applications with each insurer might be a little different, you'll likely need to fill in the following information when you apply for General Liability Insurance:

  • Where your business is located.
  • The name of your business (your full corporate name, if applicable).
  • When your business began under its current ownership.
  • The number of employees.
  • An estimate of the business's revenue for the upcoming year.
  • Basic contact information for yourself and the company.
  • Number of years you've worked in the industry.
  • Location details such as whether your business is run from your home and whether you currently have Homeowner's Insurance or Commercial Property Insurance covering the workplace.
  • Details about what your business does and what kinds of risks it might be exposed to (e.g., handling dangerous chemicals, performing onsite installations for clients, etc.).
    Insurance history (i.e., whether you've had to make any claims, been rejected for coverage, etc.).
  • The amount of coverage you'd like (options typically range from $300,000 to $2,000,000 for small businesses).

Tricky Questions on the General Liability Insurance Application

While most of the questions on a General Liability Insurance application are fairly straightforward, one question might require a little more thought than the rest. The question related to the insurance history of your business usually requires you to comment on whether any corporate officers have been convicted of a felony. This can be a tricky subject, so make sure to ask your business partners tactfully.

The application will also ask if the company has made any insurance claims or had any issues that might lead to a lawsuit. If you only recently joined the company, make sure you check with other employees to see if there were any past issues.

Other than that, most of the questions are quite easy and, the insurance application will probably take only five to 10 minutes for most small-business owners.

Want Free Insurance Quotes? Get a General Liability Insurance Application

Nearly all small businesses will get General Liability Insurance to cover their basic business liabilities (slip-and-fall accidents, property damage lawsuits, etc.). It's an important policy not just because it protects your business, but because you'll often need it to sign office leases and big contracts. Contact Insureon or fill out our insurance application today!

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