Construction & contracting

Building addition to residential house with new foundation.
Construction & contracting

Builder’s risk insurance protects construction companies, contractors, and subcontractors from losses caused by damages to buildings in progress. See if this short-term property insurance policy can...

Two men shaking hands in an office
Independent contractors
Learn about the difference between contractors and subcontractors and the types of liabilities that they face.
Woman in a leg cast with a laptop reviewing paperwork.
Workers' compensation insurance
Almost every state requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Learn about the four types of workers’ compensation benefits and how they work.
Two construction workers examine and take notes on crumbling plaster ceiling.
Construction & contracting

If a crack forms in the wall of one of your buildings or another issue becomes evident, clients will often look to your construction company for compensation. Learn who can be held liable, and how...

Construction worker using a grinder
Construction & contracting

Employee injuries, stolen equipment, and structural flaws can disrupt a construction company’s business, but you can mitigate risks by following industry best practices and choosing the right...

Small business spotlight of Slade.
Small business stories

L'Tryce Slade holds a unique position – she's one of the only women in the industry who owns a construction material testing laboratory. Learn what inspired her to start her own business and what...

Two contractors shaking hands.
Construction & contracting

Whether it's due to a missed deadline or another reason, there may come a time when a subcontractor faces a lawsuit filed by a general contractor. Continue reading to learn how to handle the...

A construction worker drills a wooden wall stud.
Construction & contracting

Construction workers have a skillset that makes it easy for them to make a positive difference in their communities. Learn how you can volunteer your time as a construction worker, either close to...

A front loader moves dirt on a construction site.
Construction & contracting

An unhappy client might sue your construction business for building defects or work delays. Even if you weren't responsible, fighting a lawsuit can be costly and time-consuming. Learn how to protect...

A plow truck clears a driveway in Michigan.
Construction & contracting

Many construction businesses struggle to stay profitable in the slow winter months. Luckily, business owners can stay productive by taking on indoor projects, offering seasonal services, or using the...

A businessman in pain at his desk.
Workers' compensation insurance
Workplace injuries can happen when you least expect it, even if you're not in the construction industry. Keep your employees and business safe with proper precautions and workers' comp insurance.
Contractors installing roofing.
Construction & contracting

A roof provides not only shelter and security, but it shields us from the elements and keeps our families safe. If you want clients to trust your roofing company, you have to focus on making your...

Tools lined up in a row on a wood background.
Construction & contracting
Considering joining the remodeling industry? Don't forget these important steps.
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Employment practices liability
The best way to protect your business is to ensure that your employees don't face harassment or discrimination at the workplace.
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