Construction & contracting

Construction & contracting
3 ways contractors can give back to their communities

Construction workers have a skillset that makes it easy for them to make a positive difference in their communities. Learn how you can volunteer your time as a construction worker, either close to...

Construction & contracting
Construction insurance for 3 common contractor claims

An unhappy client might sue your construction business for building defects, work delays, or equipment theft. Even if you weren't responsible, fighting a lawsuit from a client can be costly, time...

Construction & contracting
How to make your construction business more profitable in winter

Many construction businesses struggle to stay profitable in the slow winter months. Luckily, business owners can stay productive by taking on indoor projects, offering seasonal services, or using the...

Small business stories
Small business spotlight: Through the years with Netfloor USA
Running a multi-generational family business comes with its unique set of challenges. This Q&A with the Netfloor USA team shows how to have a successful working relationship with family.
4 things to help win roofing clients' trust

A roof provides not only shelter and security, but it shields us from the elements and keeps our families safe. If you want clients to trust your roofing company, you have to focus on making your...

Construction & contracting
Are tick bites covered by workers’ comp?
For those who work outside, tick bites are a constant concern. Luckily, workers' compensation insurance will often pay employees' medical costs if they become ill from a tick bite.
Construction & contracting
Builder's risk or general liability: Know the difference
Builder's risk might pay for damages a worker causes to a structure in progress, which can help keep your general liability claims history clean.
Construction & contracting
Building blocks: Trends in construction and construction insurance
A booming building industry combined with new trends in construction insurance could leave a business exposed to liabilities.
Save money by comparing insurance quotes from multiple carriers