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Affordable Care Act: Tips to prevent malpractice suits for your medical practice

25. October 2013 09:30
Three tips allied health professionals can use to prevent costly malpractice suits at their healthcare offices. [More]

Malpractice insurance: do acupuncturists need it?

20. September 2013 13:32
Learn how malpractice insurance protects independent acupuncturists and what you can do to avoid lawsuits against your acupuncture practice. [More]

Pharmacist found liable for $1.44 million in HIPAA professional liability case

19. August 2013 16:57
Find out how pharmacists and other allied health professionals can manage their liability risks from HIPAA. [More]

What Is Claims-Made Insurance Coverage?

5. August 2013 16:17
Maximize your odds of receiving payouts from your professional liability insurance policies by following the rules of claims-made coverage policies. [More]

Ronda Rousey’s Diet Highlights Benefits, Risks for Trainers to Keep in Mind

26. March 2013 10:03
Athletic and personal trainers should be aware of the liability risks associated with providing nutrition advice for their clients. [More]

Report: Average Cost of Healthcare Malpractice Claim More than $33,000

14. March 2013 11:34
Ohio data show that even no-liability malpractice claims can cost more than $30,000. [More]

Tax Preparers: E&O and Risk Mitigation Guidelines

16. January 2013 11:53
For many small-businesses or independent tax preparers, the first few months of the year mean a crescendo of business. While staying busy is good for ... [More]
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