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If you're an independent market research analyst or survey researcher looking for business insurance, you probably work as an independent contractor with a company, own your own boutique firm, or work in-house in the marketing department of a company and run a consulting business on the side. Each of these scenarios leaves you, the business owner, open to different types of exposures — all of which can be addressed with a customized business insurance plan.

As a market survey and research professional, you're used to gathering and analyzing information, and it's not surprising that you'd handle your business insurance research just as thoroughly. Below are the types of business insurance most useful to professionals in your field…

While most market research and survey professionals need these primary policies, the independent contractor, for example, might not need the same scope of coverage as the part-time consultants or the market research analysts who own their own firms. Read on to learn more about each coverage and how these small business insurance policies can be adjusted to match your needs.

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If you are a market research analyst or a survey research who is ready to receive multiple small business insurance quotes, you're in luck. Insureon has two easy options for you. First, you can contact an insureon agent who's helped many market and survey researchers get coverage for their businesses. Second, you can fill out our easy online application and have your insurance quotes sent via email to your inbox.

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