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How Much DOES Small Business Insurance Cost?

27. April 2015 06:35
Our clients often ask us about the cost of small business insurance. These resources aim to answer that question in a couple of different ways. [More]

Senate Bill Takes Aim at Workers’ Comp Misclassification

27. November 2013 09:30
A bill introduced to the Senate would make it more difficult to misclassify workers as contractors in order to save on taxes and mandatory Workers' Compensation expenses. [More]

Janitorial and Cleaning Professionals: The SPICE Endorsement and Other Essential Insurance Policies

30. September 2013 14:05
Find out how the SPICE endorsement can protect your janitorial, maid services, or cleaning services business. [More]

8 Steps to Build a Better Cleaning Services Contract for Your Janitorial or Maid Business

18. September 2013 15:42
Make your janitorial, maid, or cleaning services business stronger by introducing cleaning services contracts for all your clients. [More]

Mobile Marketing Etiquette

15. July 2013 16:13
Trying to grow your business through mobile marketing? Follow these etiquette tips to avoid the mobile equivalent of chewing with your mouth open. [More]

5 Things You Should Know about Janitorial Liability Insurance

13. May 2013 15:05
Own a cleaning service business? Make sure you know these key facts about how to protect your business with janitorial insurance. [More]
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