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How Much is Business Insurance for Marketing Consultants?

As a marketing consultant, you work with clients to develop a custom marketing strategy for their business. But what happens if there's a dispute? Insurance for marketing consultants can cover lawsuits over unsuccessful market campaigns, disappointing sales numbers, property damage, and other issues. The right insurance policy can protect you from having to file bankruptcy if you're liable for thousands of dollars in damages.

Let's look at the policies other marketing consultants buy and how much they typically pay.

Note: These sample quotes are based on what other businesses typically pay. Your premiums may vary.

Professional Liability Insurance?

How Much Is Professional Liability Insurance?

When a client claims that your marketing strategy failed to bring new sales, Professional Liability Insurance for consultants protects you from a marketing-related lawsuit. E&O (also called Professional Liability Insurance) covers lawsuits over errors, negligence, bad recommendations, missed deadlines, and other problems clients could have with your work.

Professional Liability Insurance typically costs $745 to $1,361 for marketing consultants.

General Liability Insurance?

What Does General Liability Insurance Cost?

When you meet with clients or they visit your office, your business faces risks. For instance, if a client slipped and fell on your property, you could be sued for thousands in medical damages. Fortunately, General Liability Insurance covers this and other common third-party lawsuits. GL Insurance will pay for lawsuits over property damage, bodily injuries, reputational injuries, and copyright infringement.

Marketing consultants typically pay $350 to $425 for General Liability Insurance.

a BOP?

What Does a Business Owner's Policy Cost?

Looking to save money on marketing consultant insurance? By purchasing a Business Owner's Policy you get General Liability and Property Insurance in one package. Most small businesses will end up paying less for their coverage when they bundle them together in a BOP.

BOPs usually cost $500 for marketing consultants.

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