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Something General Liability Insurance Does NOT Cover: Lawsuits You Initiate

5. May 2015 08:38
General Liability may cover defamation lawsuits brought against your business, but not ones you file. Try these dispute resolution tips before taking legal action. [More]

When Twitter Marketing Isn't Free: Copyright Violations That Cost Businesses Serious Money

6. March 2014 08:35
Find out what the lawsuit against Getty Images and Agence France Presse can teach your business about Twitter copyright violations. [More]

Holiday Risks for Photography Studios

11. December 2013 08:29
Keep holiday revenue strong by managing the risks that threaten your shop at year's end. [More]

Quick Tips On Protecting Your Photography / Videography Production Business

4. October 2013 14:33
A fall-wedding-season refresher course on the insurance policies that can protect photographers and videographers from their most expensive risk exposures. [More]

Wedding Photographers Should Protect Themselves from “Bridezillas”

17. July 2013 16:28
Photographer's Insurance can protect wedding photographers' equipment as well as funding legal expenses in the event of lawsuits. [More]