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As a marketing consultant, you learn to wear many hats. You are often responsible for juggling different types of projects with several different clients — often on tight deadlines. You do work with hard data — but projecting how, for example, a target audience is going to respond to a restaurant's new television campaign still isn't a science. There are unknown variables at work — no one is a mind reader — which adds another layer of nuance (and additional risk exposures) to your job.

You might not know what challenges next week will bring, but you can defend yourself against some uncertainty with a well-built business insurance plan. Marketing consultants face certain exposures that other professionals don't (and vice versa), and your business insurance plan should reflect that. Below is a list of the most important types of business insurance for marketing consultants…

Each of these policies can be adjusted to suit the needs of your business. If you are employed as an in-house market analyst and do part-time consulting work on the side, your business insurance plan will rightly look different than if you own a consulting firm that employs twenty people. Read on to learn about each of these primary policies and how they can work together to protect your business from circumstances beyond your control.

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If you're in the market to insure your marketing consulting business, you'll first need to gather a few small business insurance quotes for comparison. Insureon can do this for you — just contact us, and we'll connect you with an agent who specializes in advising marketing consultants. If you'd rather get your free business insurance quotes delivered via email, fill out our online form.

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