Workers' compensation insurance
Compare workers’ comp rates by state
The cost of your business's workers' compensation insurance varies state by state.
Small business stories
Small business spotlight: Ghost stories with the Worthington Inn
Every business has a unique selling point that sets it apart from competitors. Learn how the Worthington Inn in Ohio turned its haunted past into a modern-day selling point.
Workers’ comp coverage tips for multi-state businesses
Businesses that work across state lines have unique workers' compensation obligations. Find out how to purchase workers’ comp for your business when you have employees in multiple states.
Small business stories
Ohio firm The Voice of Your Customer shares tips for working with interns
Working with interns can be a win-win for small businesses. Crystal Kendrick, president of Cincinnati-based marketing firm The Voice of Your Customer, shares her experience employing student workers.
So you want to know about earthquake insurance

Many small business owners are surprised to discover their commercial property insurance doesn't include earthquake coverage. If your building is at risk of damage from earthquakes, you may need an...

Workers' compensation insurance
A bad winter may mean more workers' comp claims
Winter conditions cause a large number of work-related injuries. A few precautions will limit the chances of a workers' compensation claim.
Workers' compensation insurance
Workers' comp fines for non-payment top $124,000 for Ohio woman

Businesses that don't follow state regulations on workers' compensation coverage face steep fines. Learn why you should insure your employees – especially if your state requires it, but even if...

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