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New England Snow and Business Interruption

25. February 2015 08:05
Record snowfall in New England this month may mean more business interruptions. Learn how Business Interruption Insurance can help businesses survive unexpected downtime.[More]

Biggest Insurance Misconceptions (and Puppies!)

9. February 2015 08:06
Insurance can be tricky if you've never purchased it before. Don't worry – these pups will help you avoid follies and get the facts about your coverage. [More]

Florida Court Upholds "Exclusive Remedy" Rules for Workers' Comp Insurance

6. February 2015 08:02
Do you live in a state with an exclusive remedy rule for Workers' Comp Insurance? If so, your business may dodge lawsuits over occupational injuries. Learn more.[More]

General Liability Risks from Social Media

14. January 2015 07:22
A social media mistake may be more than a misstep – it may be cause for a lawsuit. Read Tweet or Twibel, our advertising injury eBook, to learn how to avoid these risks. [More]

Why Your General Liability Insurance Doesn't Cover Data Breaches

2. January 2015 07:06
Recent data breaches have drummed up questions about what insurance can and can’t cover. Learn the difference between General and Cyber Liability once and for all. [More]

Cyber Insurance a "Necessity," Especially During the Holidays

22. December 2014 07:31
The holidays and data breaches seem to go hand-in-hand these days. Learn how Cyber Liability offers your business the resources it needs to survive an attack.[More]

Decoding Your Small Business Insurance Quotes

12. December 2014 07:47
It’s easy to get business insurance quotes. But how do you decipher them once they’re in your hot little hands? Consult this guide so you know what to expect. [More]

What Is Subrogation?

3. December 2014 08:01
Subrogation is when your insurance provider covers a claim, then assumes your right to sue the party that caused the damages so it can recoup losses. Learn more. [More]

Serving Booze over the Holidays? 4 Ways it Can Come Back to Haunt You

24. November 2014 08:34
If you plan to serve booze at holiday parties, you need to be prepared for the potential fallout. Discover ways you can be held responsible for the drinking-related fouls of your guests. [More]

What Is Special Event Insurance?

19. November 2014 07:57
Special Event Insurance for small businesses starts under $400. Get info and free quotes to protect your parties, trade shows, and fundraisers from lawsuits.[More]