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What Is a Minimum Earned Premium?

21. August 2013 09:26
Minimum earned premium is the amount an insurance company keeps of your premium regardless of when you cancel your policy. Find out how it works and why insurance providers use it. [More]

What Is Vicarious Liability?

16. August 2013 15:49
Vicarious liability means you could be liable for work done by your employees, agents, or contractors. Find out how to protect your business from the costs of vicarious liability. [More]

What Is Claims-Made Insurance Coverage?

5. August 2013 16:17
Maximize your odds of receiving payouts from your professional liability insurance policies by following the rules of claims-made coverage policies. [More]

How an Umbrella Can Save a Business: An Insurance Tale

18. June 2013 12:18
The recent collapse of a restaurant deck in Miami during the NBA finals brings lights on the importance of purchasing umbrella insurance policies.[More]

Philadelphia Building Collapse Illustrates Multiple Liability Scenarios

6. June 2013 10:56
The fatal Philadelphia building collapse provides a sobering illustration of how various types of business liability insurance work in practice. [More]

What Are Admitted vs. Non-Admitted Insurance Carriers?

5. April 2013 11:32
Admitted insurance companies are approved by a state's insurance department; non-admitted carriers aren't. Learn which option is better for business owners. [More]

What Is Inland Marine Insurance?

1. April 2013 13:40
Find out what Inland Marine Insurance is, how it protects business property, and whether you need it. [More]

What Is Coinsurance?

5. March 2013 15:46
Coinsurance for small business insurance policies explained, including what to expect from a coinsurance clause. [More]

Business Insurance Loss Runs: Everything You Need to Know

15. February 2013 14:27
Loss runs for business insurance explained. [More]