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Understanding Errors & Omissions (Malpractice) Lawsuits

4. April 2014 08:33
Find out what small-business owners can expect when it comes to malpractice / errors & omissions lawsuits. [More]

Cutting Costs on General Liability Insurance: When You Need Product Liability Coverage

20. March 2014 08:02
Learn when and why Product Liability Insurance is an essential component of your General Liability policy.[More]

Copyright Laws & Social Media: A Small Business Guide

10. February 2014 09:35
An introduction to how copyright laws affect small businesses and how business owners can avoid advertising injury lawsuits over accidental copyright violations. [More]

Will Landlord Insurance Cover Your Small Business?

20. January 2014 09:25
Find out whether your small business is covered by your landlord's insurance. [More]

What Is Product Liability Insurance?

9. December 2013 10:13
Overview of who has product liability and how business owners can manage their risk exposures and avoid expensive lawsuits. [More]

Do Small Businesses Really Need Umbrella Insurance?

18. November 2013 16:14
Umbrella Insurance offers financial protection to even the smallest businesses. Examples of three situations where an Umbrella policy can prevent major financial losses. [More]

Settlements vs. Judgments: Workers’ Compensation Claims for Non-Profit Organizations

4. November 2013 15:17
An explanation of the difference between settlements and judgments in Workers' Compensation cases. [More]

What Is a Certificate of Liability Insurance?

18. October 2013 11:19
Explanation of Certificates of Liability Insurance, how they protect your business, and how to get one so you can secure new client contracts. [More]

Janitorial and Cleaning Professionals: The SPICE Endorsement and Other Essential Insurance Policies

30. September 2013 14:05
Find out how the SPICE endorsement can protect your janitorial, maid services, or cleaning services business. [More]

What Is a Triple Net Lease?

11. September 2013 16:25
Triple net leases require tenants to pay rent, insurance, and taxes. Find out whether this type of commercial lease makes sense for your business. [More]