A business meeting with laptops and charts.
Marketing consultants
The consulting market is crowded, so you'll need to be strategic to find your first clients.
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Marketing consultants
Expanding your market to reach remote clients can lead to lucrative new opportunities, but comes with its own set of challenges.
HR consultant presenting.
To stay on the cutting edge of any industry, it is important to stay informed on the latest trends. Read the following article to know about the top trends in human resource consulting for 2018.
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Top business consultants recommend clear and concise communication with your clients and frequent updates to avoid misunderstandings. Arm yourself with professional liability insurance to avoid...

Two professionals traveling.
These tips for business consultants can help you manage your expenses, keep your clients happy, and show what you can deduct on a business trip.
Two accountants calculate budget using calculators.
To avoid cash flow and budgetary problems, consultants can use these seven tricks to manage irregular revenue and improve their firm's finances.
Shadow falls on HIPAA regulations file.
HIPAA violations can lead to $1 million fines. If consultants are hired by healthcare companies, they need to know this law and be ready to meet its standards.
Two business men discuss and sign contract.
Why do consultants get sued? Learn how to avoid disputes and gain protection against four common lawsuits with consultant insurance.
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IT & technology professionals
HIPAA and HITECH are data security regulations that can affect any healthcare company. Learn more about how they affect your liability.
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